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The Maahes race comes in three sub-races. From left to right, the Dhab-Idar, the Khal-Idar, and the Dhar-Idar, or as they're more commonly referred to by outsiders, the Spotted, the Solid, and the Striped Maahes. All three subraces generally share similar cultural and spiritual beliefs, though they are physically trimorphic. All varieties of Maahes qualify for all of their Racial Feats, and their Society, Relations, Alignment, Religion, and Adventurer status also overlap.

Dhab-Idar Khal-Idar Dhar-Idar

Physical Description: The physical form of a Maahes often varies drastically between their three sub-species, but there are overarching physical features that connect the three. All Maahes are felid in nature, a trait that is not lost on any who might meet one. Like certain feline species, they tend to possess a relatively lithe frame, a thick coat of fur, and a thin, non-prehensile tail used primarily for balance. Like their feline cousins, most Maahes tend to fall into one of two camps when it comes to disposition: Either they are excitable, nimble, and active, or relaxed, pensive, and appraising. Now, this isn't to say all Maahes fall into these two categories permanently, but rather that any given Maahes is likely to be in one of these two emotional groupings, and can swap back and forth at seemingly a moment's notice. Maahes also tend to possess retractable claws and elongated canine teeth or fangs, though few have any such features dangerous enough to be considered a weapon.

Society: Around Aengor, Maahes society is near unique, an oddity, especially for those used to the monarchies and class systems of Edea. Maahes cities, towns, and governments are, as a general rule, entirely communal. Residents of Edea may be somewhat familiar with the concept of communal life if they've ever visited a small thorpe or hamlet where residents rely on one another to some extent for what they cannot produce themselves, but the Maahes take this sentiment to a whole new level. Maahes communalism is performed en-masse, with the entirety of produced goods and materials being owned by the state or some central power, then to be redistributed to the populace. Most surprising for foreigners is the lack of corruption or favoritism present in these situations, where in our Edean culture, those in charge of distribution of resources would tend receive a far greater share than those producing, the Maahes, strangely, manage such a system with little-to-no such corruption, every individual receiving a fair portion. How exactly they manage such a system is a mystery to the all, but League anthropologists claim that it may be due to a long-held cultural and religious identity shared by the Maahes people, with the central tenet being this sense of communal sharing. Anthropologists and Maahes alike trace this tenet back to Kamynai, the primary deity in the Maahes pantheon.

Relations: —

Alignment and Religion: —

Adventurers: —

Random Starting Ages

Adulthood Intuitive Self-Taught Trained
12 years +1d3 years
(13 – 15 years)
+1d6 years
(13 – 18 years)
+3d6 years
(15 – 30 years)

Racial Feats

The following feats are available to a Maahes character who meets the prerequisites.


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