Kastnoks Republic

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Kastnok's Republic
Alignment True Neutral
Capital Dur-Nashk
Ruler Lord Mayor Siegfried Lightstone
Government Merchant Republic
Demonym Kastnokian
Adjective Kastnokian
Languages Dwarven, Cyamidish,


Kastnok's Republic is unique for many reasons, though amongst the foremost is the simple fact that it is a Republic. As the 6th age breaks upon Aengor, few Republics grace its surface. Monarchies and other forms of Autocracy tend to be much more prominent. Also unique is the manner in which the Republic was founded, Kastnok's Rebellion, one of the most successful, longest-lasting, and most deadly rebellions ever seen in Edea

Kastnok's Rebellion
Ore-Kings>Disgust With Tyranny>72 Years of War>Adamantine City overtaken, renamed Kings'-Death in Dwarven>Rebels Collapse many tunnels, isolating the Ore-Kings, using overland routes>One by one the Kings fell

Aftermath of the War
Following the Rebellion, there was a great disagreement amongst the dwarves regarding how exactly they would rule their new nation, and more specifically, whom. Many desired that Kastnok, the leader of the Rebellion, be crowned King over the Depor Mountains, but this was an honor Kastnok stood vehemently against. He, along with representatives from all of the major houses of the Rebellion locked themselves in the throne room of Dur-Nashk for the whole of a month, until they emerged, proud of what they'd accomplished. Inscribed in the Adamantine-leafed walls of the throne room was their new Constitution, a testament to the ideals of republicanism and representation. 

War of the Houses
In the five decades following the rebellion, things were peaceful for a time. A welcome respite for the dwarves who had spent the better part of a century at war. Kastnok ruled as Lord Mayor, until his time as on Aengor passed, and so did he. Following his rule, there was an additional century of peace, as other Lord Mayors reigned. Then, in 763-5th, things suddenly changed. WRITE MORE ASSHOLE

Lightstone's Dominion




Since 603-5th, the nation of Kastnok's Republic has ruled in its current form as a Merchant Republic. Through this system, five noble families steer the country amidst perilous disasters towards a brighter future. Each of these noble families is headed by an individual known as the Patrician. This man or woman leads their house in all matters as the official Patriarch or Matriarch, and serves the Republic's Lord Mayor. The Lord Mayor is selected in a vote by the people of Kastnok's Republic from amongst the current governing Patricians. This vote occurs immediately following the death of the former Lord Mayor. As the Patricians of each family are usually respected elders, the cycle maintains change with a reasonable regularity.

-House Lightstone
Siegfried Lightstone, the current Patrician of this house, also serves the Republic as its Lord Mayor.

-House Forgehome

-House Stoutmint
In the centuries before the foundation of Kastnok's Republic, House Stoutmint controlled various treasuries and coin-stamping workshops for the Iron King. Their house name was given for Bertram Stoutmint Blazingheart, a nephew of the Blazingheart Patriarch, who siphoned away huge sums of gold and platinum from his family for the rebel cause during Kastnok's Rebellion. Following the success of the revolution, he withdrew from house Blazingheart, forming his own House, which rose to wealth and fame in the new Republic. Members of this family are often seen as somewhat clerical or studious, due to the House's boasting of several notable Wizards.

-House Scalesmasher

-House Blackbrew
House Blackbrew is an exceptionally old House, founded in 431-4th. Its founder, Gerwin Blackbrew Warback was said to have brewed an ale so dark you could stand a spoon up in it, a recipe the House supposedly still keeps as a guarded secret for special events to this day. During the time of Kastnok's Rebellion, the family was a moderately well-to-do merchant family, dealing primarily in the sale of spirits and other brews. They initially tried to stay out of the conflict, merely selling their wares to both sides, with little huff who got what so long as they got their coin. The Patriarch's firstborn son however, known as Hagen Blackbrew at the time, had other plans. Hagen, without any allies or assistance, if you believe the tales, broke into the fortresses of each of the Ore-Kings' armies, and stole valuable battle plans and information to bring to the rebels. Eventually, his complicity in the act was revealed by an agent within the Rebellion's ranks, forcing House Blackbrew to officially take a stand on the war. Following the revolution, Hagen was given the title name Molecloak in honor of his brave theft. Due to Hagen's influence, members of the House are often seen as somewhat shifty or stealthy, giving the Dwarven phrase, "Smooth as a Blackbrew" a double meaning.







Kastnoks Republic

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