The Apidae League

The Apidae League is a registered mercenary-adventuring organization that spans the continents of Edea and Nazrus, with some minor expansion beginning in Ihone. The main distinguishing factor between them and other mercenary groups is their size and the agreements they hold with various heads of state across the regions they operate within. Most nations across Edea and Nazrus recognize the Apidae League as an official guild within their borders, and many even allow special privileges to the League such as the right of Extradition and exception to many laws and regulations limiting other guilds, to the extent that in some realms, the League acts almost as its own sovereign nation—within some limitations that is. The reasons for these expansive rights and allowances varies from nation to nation, but generally is reliant upon several factors: Firstly, that the League operates to clear out undesirable creatures and threats from the various wildlands surrounding many towns and village within a country's borders. Secondly, the Apidae League is recognized by many as being amongst the foremost experts on the crafting of magical items, the study of the Arcane and Unnatural, and the training of warriors to be rented out for personal use. Regardless of why various realms choose to grant so much leeway to the League, it is made very clear that the League places no favorites or preference to any governments, they are loyal only to their own rank and file.


In the vast span of years since the League's foundation, its method of leadership has varied somewhat with time. However, over the past few centuries, its bureaucratic structure has somewhat solidified. Currently, one solitary autocrat rules over the League, with this leadership being placed for reelection every ten years, selected from a member of the current Royal rank within the organization. Despite this change—which is relatively frequent by some races standards— the organization tends to have a fairly constant mission and outlook, not too vastly swayed by a change in leadership. This is due in part to the organizations tendency to reelect its incumbent to the seat of power, and also due to a similarity in the goals and ideals of those seated Royals.


Agents of the Apidae League are separated into several distinct tiers, with skill in matters business, battle, and/or diplomatic tending to be the cause for an increase in tier. Agent's tiers are distinguishable by a badge that they wear, which must be prominently and visibly featured at any and all times the member is about on League business. Many members however also wear these badges during their downtime as well, enjoying the respect and sense of title that the badges seem to carry in many regions. Agents are reminded however, that at any time they are wearing the badge, they are expected to act in a manner honorable to the goals and ideals of the League, and that any embarrassment brought upon themselves that might endanger the reputation of the League will be punished by an internal tribunal. All members of the League, despite ranking or seniority are expected to work on and complete tasks or missions for the good of the organization as a whole, whether they be Drone or Royals.

  • Larvae – This rank of membership tends to be reserved for those very newly inducted into the organization. It is typically only held until the member completes their first mission of any relative difficulty, rarely longer than a year. Members who do hold onto this ranking for an extensive length of time often earn the contempt of their associates, as it is a sign of being unsuccessful, disobedient, or worse, a troublemaker.
  • Drones – This is one of the two most common ranks within the organization. Members of the Drone ranking are typically very regional players, with little knowledge or awareness of the larger machinations of the League and its activities. Typically, they operate entirely within one small village or town.
  • Workers – The other most common of the League's ranks, Workers while not directly defined as officers or commanding units in any way, are technically higher ranked than Drones or Larvae, and may decide to pull this rank should a disagreement arise. Workers are still regional players, though at a slightly grander scale than Drones, and may be assigned to work within a collection of towns or a county depending on the region and League presence within.
  • Soldiers – Soldiers are the first 'Officer' rank within the League. Any given region will generally have a handful of Soldier ranked units, each assigned a 'Hive' of lower ranked members to command over. Soldiers answer to their regional Lord, and are typically tasked with assigning groups to various missions and micro-managing the goings on of their local Hive.
  • Lords – Lords are tasked with the governance of League activities within a region, and the command of several Soldier ranked units to oversee. In addition to this, Lords typically have command of their own Hive, in a manner similar to Soldiers, of Workers and Drones. The Hive of a Lord ranked member is usually hand-picked by the Lord from the Hives of his Soldiers, or from his previous Hive from former ranks. Such Hives are usually smaller, though more highly skilled than that of a Soldier might be. In addition to all this, Lords are the first rank able to promote those of lower ranking, typically at the request or advice of one of their Soldiers, though abuse of this power may be cause for investigations and a tribunal by higher ranking League members.
  • Nobles – Nobles oversee a collection of regions, typically the size of a whole country or in some cases, even several countries. It is the job of the Nobles to not only oversee the activities of all those directly beneath them, but also to interact with the local governance to accept tasks, arrange agreements, and maintain diplomacy and good standing.   
  • Royals – This is the final and highest ranking available to any member of the League, aside from the coveted position of Queen/King. The council of Royals decides upon the goals and direction for the League and advises the Queen/King with any news or information they may gather from their underlings. Despite the fact that many see those of the Royal ranking (as well as any other 'Officer' ranking) as largely bureaucratic and advisorial, Royals too, like all members of the League, embark on missions and tasks for the betterment of the organization. The only difference being that Royals, due to their high degree of skill and influence, typically embark on longer and more nuanced tasks than those of the lower rankings, some taking years or decades to complete.

Known Interests and Operations:

  • Tower Erun: Located in the north of the Cyamid Empire, just a handful of leagues away from the Empire's former capital. The Tower is headed by Lord Aegith Roton, and while nowadays it is largely separated from the wilderness that it was originally built to fend off, it serves as an administrative and bureaucratic center for the League, while still managing to fend off the occasional attack from the local goblin tribes.
  • Sweetwater Camp: Established just outside the Lycretian colony of Boseport, this is currently the League's newest established Hive. With information regarding its creation only just being made public, rumors are circulating about who will be heading up operations there. The current expected front-runner is Ross Tedo, the recently promoted Lord out of Tower Erun, where he and a few of the Drones under his command recently cleared out some local hostile goblin encampments.

The Apidae League

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