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Welcome, new adventurer, to the world of Aengor. In this game, your will be playing as a member of the Apidae League, operating on the new frontier border in the continent of Edea. Your goal will be to complete various tasks and missions, typically with the purpose of making the surrounding wildlands safer for creatures to live in. The road will be fraught with dangers, but luckily, you have the backing of the League, and the other members of your Hive to keep you safe along your journey.

Mechanical Ruleset:

For the most part, we'll be using the Pathfinder Ruleset. But, that being said, there are quite a few homebrew rules that'll be instituted, so make sure to read up on those. I also encourage everyone to remember DND's rule zero, this being that regardless of what the written rules say, what the DM says goes. This means that in the moment of a game, if I decide one of the rules as written on D20PFsrd doesn't apply, then it doesn't apply. Now, this being said, this campaign will often be somewhat lackadaisical on the rules. Generally, we may be running this a bit more like a 5th Edition campaign where the events and actions are more narratively driven, especially during combat, where the written rules will be more of a general guideline. This I hope will encourage you all to focus more on role-playing instead of roll-playing.


This campaign takes place within the world of Aengor, a homebrewed setting created by an amalgamation of random generation, player submission, and many hours of me sitting around thinking up bullshit. Within this world, all players will be members of the aforementioned Apidae League, an adventuring guild of sorts that is often found on the fringes of civilization, clearing the way for more cities and towns. This campaign will center around the Apidae League and your involvement within it, if your character chooses to leave the League, or is forced to withdraw from it, that character will be retired and rendered unplayable.


As for the style, the campaign will follow a path similar to the 'West Marches' style of gameplay. This differs from your usual DND faire due in large part to party size and frequency of play. Whereas the traditional DND group has roughly 4-6 players who meet weekly to continue some grand adventure, this campaign will have a much larger group of players, each of whom have up to two characters, leading to dozens or scores of characters being a member of your party. The way this is resolved so as not to drive me crazy, is that not all of you will be playing every session. Instead, small groups of you — roughly four to six — will be grouping together to go off on an adventure or excursion lasting one session in length (though occasionally longer). The way we'll decide who gets to go on these excursions out of our large group is simple: you'll do all the work. Now, what this means, is that I'll give everyone my schedule a week in advance of the days I'm able to GM. Players will find a quest hook, adventure, or excursion they'd like to embark on. The ways they may do this are varied, perhaps they check the notice-board in the main hall and notice a request or mission they're interested in. Perhaps last week when they raided that ancient dark temple, they noticed another wing to the place that at the time, they didn't have the manpower or necessary skills to investigate, but now they're back at the League, they have access to. Perhaps they'd heard a rumor or story of another group who failed to complete a mission and they think that they can do better. Regardless of how the characters discover the mission, it is up to the players to decide what they want to do, and which day they want to do it.  That's not all though, players must also decide who they wish to bring along with them to complete this mission, deciding what skills and traits would help to best accomplish this task.

For example, Travis is looking to get in a few hours of DND this week to sate his appetite for adventure. Having no quest hooks of his own to follow up on, he checks the notice-board and sees a request, "Troll-slayers needed, a large nest of trolls and orcs has been raiding our village weekly for the past month. We need someone to go to their nest and hit them where it hurts." This, Travis decides, is the mission for him. So, he lets the DM know his interest and sets off to find people to play with him. For a task such as this, strength and violence will be a necessity, so Travis chooses his own character, Grog Strongjaw as one of the adventurers. He then goes to his friends Taliesin and Noelle, asking for the help of their mightiest characters in this endeavor. They're able to make it on the day and time Travis requested, and they're always excited to earn some EXP and sweet loot, so they happily accept. Now however, Travis thinks that he could use a bit more muscle on this excursion, so he posts in the Apidae Discord chat, with an open invitation to join, asking for 1-3 people who could make the date and do a good job of smashing open some Troll-skulls. Matthew, Orion, and Ashley are all free that day, and though Orion and Ashley's characters are somewhat lower level than Travis's, he decides that a bit of troll slaying will do them good, put some hair on their chests, and invites them along as well. Now, Travis has a mission, a time, and a group to go adventuring. He lets the GM know he's done and waits patiently to set off on his quest.

Creating my Characters:

There's a whole slew of rules for creating your characters, which may be found here. In general, not all of the races available on the PFSRD will be available to you for this game. Some of them I've removed do to preference of balance or flavor, and some I've created and added to better fit with the lore of this world. As time goes on, more exotic or even vanilla races may be 'unlocked' by the actions of the party, allowing for more choices and variety. If there is a race which you feel that you absolutely must play, come talk to me about it, but in general, if it's not available, it's not available for a reason, and that's the reason you're going to receive. Plus, if you feel like you're only able to play one race, then you're typically either min-maxing or not comfortable expanding your horizons as a role-player, both of which are habits I'd prefer to encourage players to avoid. The list of acceptable player races may be found here.

New Players Start Here

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