Amie Tett

Well Suited Smith


Amie is the resident blacksmith, farrier, and general metalworker for your branch of the Apidae League. She tends to keep to the forge, and judging by the fact that you’ve never seen her in the bunkhouse, she must live in the small room above it. As the only smith of any skill in the area, Apidae members and the folk of the village alike depend on her for any metalworking needs.


Straight back hair, typically pulled back into a tight bun frames her thin, grease covered face. A taut and hardy woman, there’s a quiet nature to her. The only thing she’s sparser with than words are smiles, though rarely one will find its way out.

Her skin is tanned from her frequent work in front of the heat of the forge, giving her a deeply bronzed complexion. She boasts muscled arms, well defined from her work with the hammer and anvil. Her face and form are rarely seen without the characteristic grease and iron shavings of the smithy, even when she has been absent from the forge for some time, almost as though it has become second nature to her.

Amie Tett

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