Aegith Roton

Aegith the Steadfast


A tall woman with a palpable sense of duty and honor, Aegith is rarely seen without her traditional garb. Wearing an impressive suit full plate and a well worn steel shield, both are dented and pockmarked from several years full of hard fought battles and conflict, much like their owner.

Those with the pleasure of serving under Aegith have often commented upon her skill as a commander. Somewhat stern and demanding, though still possessing that warm humanizing nature that any good soldier appreciates.

Also frequently noted is the apparent rancor she hosts for the various allied tribes of Goblins and Ogres that surround Tower Erun. While none of the inhabitants of the region are overly fond of the pests, many note that Aegith seems to hold a special hatred for these creatures. Whatever her reasons for doing so, Aegith keeps these private as far as her underlings can tell, merely being able to infer the disgust she shows by her reaction when they are encountered or even mentioned.

Aegith Roton

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